Frequently Asked Questions

Proposals & Funding
Do other schools have a Student Technology Fee?

Yes, all state colleges and universities in New York have a Student Technology Fee.

What doesn’t the Student Technology Fee pay for?

Only those items specifically funded by the Student Technology Fee Committee are paid for with Tech Fee funds. For detailed project funding, please go to Tech Fee @ Work.

How do projects receive funding from Student Technology Fee?

A proposal must be submitted for a project to be considered for Tech Fee funding.

Who can submit a proposal?

Any current student, faculty, or staff member of the college can submit a proposal. While we accept proposals on a rolling basis (year-round), proposals must be received by the designated RFP (Request for Proposals) deadline in order to be considered for funding in the upcoming fiscal year.

How do I submit a proposal?

It’s easy! Just log on to My Tech Fee and go to the New Proposals tab. There you can complete the proposal form or save as a draft until you are ready to submit. (You must have a current John Jay account to access My Tech Fee.)

How does a proposal become a project?

The Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee reviews all submitted proposals and recommends which proposals should be funded according to available funds, CUNY’s stated Guiding Principles, and the college’s Master Plan. Once the committee approves the plan, it is then submitted to the President’s Office for further review. Finally, it is submitted to CUNY as the official college Technology Fee plan. Those proposals that are included in the plan become projects in the next fiscal year (July 1st – June 30th). (For more details regarding CUNY’s Guiding Principles, go to My Tech Fee.)

How will I know if my proposal has been accepted or not?

Once the finalized plan is submitted to CUNY, you will receive a notification via email regarding the status of your proposal. If your proposal was accepted, instructions will be sent as an email attachment detailing how to proceed to initiate your project. If your proposal was not accepted, please keep in mind that funds are limited and, depending on priorities outlined by the committee, may not be available for the next fiscal year for every good proposal. Please feel free to submit again next year!

Does the Student Technology Fee (STF) pay for printing in the labs?

Students receive a $15 printing stipend linked to their ID cards at the beginning of every semester; students must pay for any printing in excess of that allotment. Students can add funds to their ID cards at vend stations in the CLSS Student Computer Lab Center and the Library. We encourage duplex (double-sided) printing as it saves on resources and student print fees (duplex printing is discounted!), so please use duplex printing whenever possible.

Why do some labs charge for printing?

There are two main reasons for restricting unlimited printing: first, resources are limited and the costs for unlimited printing could not be borne. Second, an excessively large print job would render the lab printer unavailable for an unacceptably long time, creating long wait periods for other users. Recently, Tech Fee has added E-Z Print Stations on campus for increased access and efficiency.

On Campus Presence & Operations
Who is responsible for maintaining the labs?

Classroom Lab Support Services (CLSS) (formerly known as Instructional Technology Support Services) is the department responsible for supporting campus labs in general however, department labs are under the direct supervision of their respective academic departments. Lab Assistants can help with general problems encountered (printer jams, saving files, etc..). If a Lab Assistant encounters a problem they are unable to resolve, campus technical support will be contacted. Students should save often and use another machine if a computer is placed out of service.

When are lab hours?

The CLSS Student Computer Center is open from Monday – Thursday from 7:30am-10pm, Friday from 7:30am-6pm, and Saturday from 9am-6pm. For details on lab hours, please click here.

Why do different labs have different hours of operation?

The goal is to make technology accessible as much as possible on campus, from additional lab seats and increases to the Laptop Loaner Program, to enhanced wireless capabilities. Departmental labs try to maximize hours of operation for the majority of users within their respective budgeting constraints.

What are the responsibilities of the Lab Assistants?

Lab Assistants are hired to provide support to students with minor computer problems in campus labs and to keep the labs orderly and clean. Lab Assistants are instructed not to assist students with problems relating to coursework. For course-related issues, students are advised to seek the assistance of their instructor or a tutor.

Can I download music in the labs?

The Computer Labs are for educational purposes only. Users failing to comply with lab guidelines may lose privileges to campus lab facilities.

Can I install my own software on lab computers?

No. The course instructor has requested all necessary software to be installed in any given lab required for the completion of the course.