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Boot Camp I Details


This four-day intensive workshop will assist you in developing an essential part of your law school application: a compelling personal statement. Using examples from successful writers, you will learn how to vividly demonstrate to your audience that you possess the qualities that will make you a successful law student. By the end of the Boot Camp, you will have produced two drafts of your personal statement and received extensive feedback from your faculty instructors and your peers. You will also participate in a mock law class and get the opportunity to network with practicing attorneys.

Application Requirements and Admission

This Boot Camp is open to current John Jay students and alumni. Current students must be in good academic standing to participate. Transfer students to John Jay are encouraged to apply. All applicants for Boot Camp I must:

  1. Complete the application for Boot Camp I. You must complete all fields in order to be considered. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Transfer students should include their GPA from their previous institution if they do not have grades from John Jay courses.
  2. Submit a two-page, double-spaced essay that responds to the following question: In a 500 word essay, craft a narrative based on a real-life experience that illustrates personal transformation. Your narrative should highlight a quality, character trait, or value, you feel highlights your strengths as a potential law school student. Also, in your essay, link your narrative to experiences including, but not limited to academics, volunteer involvement, community work, and professional development that demonstrate your interest in a law career. Please be advised that this essay is an academic writing exercise and you should proofread carefully for grammar, content, and punctuation. Your response should be entirely your own as it will be electronically checked for plagiarism.
  3. Read and accept the Agreement portion on the application form. By submitting your application, you are indicating your agreement with all of the items listed. Please read the Agreement portion carefully before you apply.

Admissions Decisions and Notification

  • Please do not apply if you have already taken this Boot Camp.
  • Admissions decisions to the Boot Camp will be made based upon an evaluation of academic performance and your application materials.
  • There is no GPA requirement and all students are encouraged to apply. In the event we have more applicants than seats available, we will look at your GPA and essay very closely to help make our admission decision.
  • You will be notified via email of our decision. If you are admitted to Boot Camp I, you must pick up a copy of the required reading that must be done before the first day of Boot Camp. We will send further information with the notice of admission.
  • Please contact us at if you have any questions about Boot Camp I.
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