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Boot Camp I (Writing a Personal Statement)

This four-day program will assist you in developing an effective personal statement. You will learn how to write about your experiences and qualifications for law school in a way that will catch the reader’s attention. In addition, you will experience a mock law school class and have an opportunity to network with practicing attorneys.

  • Offered in June and January

Boot Camp II (Introduction to Law School Admissions Test (LSAT))

An experienced test prep instructor, this four-day program will introduce you to the LSAT, a standardized test all applicants to law school must take. In this program, you will take a full-length practice LSAT and will learn techniques to master each section of the LSAT. You will also learn about habits you can develop to help improve your performance on the LSAT and in law school. This program also includes a mock law class and an opportunity to hear from law school personnel.

  • Offered in January

Law School Prep Program I (Working with Case Law)

This course is designed to provide you with in-depth exposure to the case method, which is the primary teaching approach used in American law schools. Starting with a thorough introduction to the basic principles of American law and the structure of the US legal system, this program will then introduce you to the fundamentals of working with appellate decisions—the types of decisions which make up the bulk of law school reading—and how to effectively and systematically analyze them.

  • Offered intermittently

Law School Admission Test (LSAT) Prep Course

Open primarily to juniors and seniors, this program offers selected students a full LSAT prep course and entry into an LSAT-prep focused learning community. Participants in this program will engage in rigorous preparation for the LSAT and will benefit from personal statement workshops, law school admissions sessions, and guidance from PLI advisors. Participants in the program are expected to register for the fall (September or October) administration of the LSAT.

  • Offered each summer (June through September): two evenings or daytime sessions a week during the summer months and Friday and weekend daytime sessions during September
  • Sessions run June 11, 2024 to August 22, 2024
  • Deadline: April 29, 2024